Dhananjay Galani Production Presents “MILLIONS OF CARDS” – Produced & Directed By Dhananjay Galani

The Indian production and distribution company, Dhananjay Galani Pictures, managed by the namesake Dhananjay Galani, is aiming to create internationally more extensive products overseas.

“Millions of Cards” will mark the turning point of this new corporate mission: dealing with historical topics set in the Western world with an internationally recognized cast and with a medium-low budget (5 to 10 millions USD).

“Millions of Cards” tells the story of some children escaped from the Nazi concentration camps who are greeted by an American nurse in a first aid camp at the end of the Second World War. Through the stories of these children we discover the atrocities that they had to undergo.

The film is a memory and a message not to forget that in the war there are no winners and that it is fought not only by those holding a weapon in the forefront.
The film, which will be released in theaters at the end of this year, is currently in post-production in Italy. Following this project, a partnership was established between the Dhananjay Galani Picture and the Italian production company Coevolutions for future co-productions / executive productions where Italy and Europe are involved.

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